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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> moments of okay's what sounded like an explosion sent people in wildwood crest running as fire sfreed multiple homes during a busy afternoon at the shore. >> good evening everyone i'm natasha brown. thank you for joining us the flames spread quickly sending enormous plume of smoke into the air and it could be seen for mimes even at the beach. what began was a one house fire sfreed multiple homes. we twlr as homeowners assessed damage. >> an explosive fire captured on cellphone video by beachgoers. >> i was at my in-law's hous house. >> chuck dahmer one of the first to see the smoke coming out of homes own park
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boulevard 3:00 in the afternoon. immediately, though, he sprung into action. >> i went downstairs and ope opened up the sliding glass door and there's a lady standing there and i told her, your house is on fire, get ou out. >> dahmer broke down the door to the second home and made sure everyone was out and firefighters arrived and took over from there as the blaze quickly was out of control. >> propane tanks on rear deck and between the two buildings sxoded. >> somewhere between the two homes were the air conditio conditioning unit con denser was. >> if the wind was blowing the wrong way the whole block would be down. >> jim opens a house next to the two burned and his house has damage to the sdreer or due to the heat of the flames. he's not focused on that he's grateful for the efforts put forth by 100 firefighters from seven departments all who made sure no one was hurt in this
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beach front blaze that burned for hours and could be seen for miles. >> every year you give a donation. quadruple it. they're worth it. all volunteers. very impressive. >> and the damage after the fire here is extensive. fire officials say that home on the right will have to be knocked down. and then rebuilt. likely the same for this home on the left. fire marshals don't believe this fire is suspicious at this point and still, no official cause. and in wildwood crest, alicia nieves. cbs3, eyewitness news. >> officials know the cause of fatal fire in chester county. authorities say flames broke out 5:30 buckwalter road in east could have entity trp. a 9-year-old boy was home at the time and killed in the fire. according to chester country fire marshall the fire has been ruled accidental. they say it started in the kitchen of that home. >> and also, tonight, in the city mantua section the five department responded to a call of a row home fire earlier
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this morning around 11:00. it happened in the 600 block of union street. fire officials say they battled heavy fire conditions before finally placing it under control before noon. three units ever that home were affected by the fire. >> officials meantime are investigating a two car crash in north philly that sent one car right into a building. authorities say a car was driving near the intersection of master and 13 street when it made a left turn from the right lane clipping another car. and the second vehicle was forced into a light pole through a fence before crashing against the building. and the driver of that vehicle was transported to the hospital for non life-threatening injuries. >> and police are also investigating a shooting inside of a bar in southwest philly. it happened shortly before 5:00 this evening near digs avenue 65 street. officials say a 24-year-old man was shot following an argument with another man and he was transported to penn presbyterian hospital in critical condition. so far, no arrests have been made
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>> we now know identities of man and woman involved in a standoff with police lehigh county, 25-year-old emily fat gi nger and eric messig from normal ton county pennsylvani pennsylvania. their bodies were discovered in upper saucon township in a home in an at ache. they declared a murder suicid suicide. a standoff began shortly after noon with the couple whence they were stopped by police. they fired handguns at officers and attempted to enter two homes before discovered in a third home attic in the area. >> an improvement project to repair interstate 76 overrulely underway tonight. paving operations got started 9 . project stretch from u.s. one city teev west of u.s. 202 2 interchange. 76 note cysts expect daily overnight lane closures sunda
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sundays through thursdays 9 p.m. to 5 p.m. and friday and saturday 9 p.m. until mid-morning the next day. >> officials are expanding their search now after a massive landslide in china a 93 people are missing aft disaster struck the fishone province in the southwest region yesterday. state media reporting it hit a village and dozens homes buried and heavy rainfall is behind the landslide. about 2500 rescuers are assis assisting with the search efforts. >> now, president trump surprise promising last minute changes to senate republican health care bill. in order to try to secure enough votes to get the legislation passed. sol far, at least five republican senators publicly oppose thod bill. as many as 7 could vote against it because of costs of medicade. mitch mcconnell wants a vote before the 4th of july holiday and needs support from 50 of
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52 republican senators. >> i'm undecided and a few more days to consider would be helpful. >> if mitch does not have the votes call off this bill right now and let's sit down and start working to a repairing the basic concept of what we have in affordable care act. >> and congressional budget office plans to issue analysis of the new bill as early as monday. >> if are you victim of hate crime there's a way to report it through the smart phone counsel of of islamic foundations and making democracy report for everyone. care staff will ultimately investigate. the organization hopes the app will help them count the growing number of hate crimes in the country. all minority groups can use this app. and two years after the historic supreme court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage it's gay pride weekend in the u.s. and all around the word. marchs in france, sesh yarks
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fill peeps, dozens of other places as well. roxannea sabari has more on the five celebrations and demonstrations here in the u.s.. >> from coast to coast, pride marches went beyond the festive to the political. >> in minneapolis, police officers were allowed to march in this year's parade. initially they were sxluded over at quital of officer in the shooting death of philando castillo. protesters tried to stop the marx. in san francisco they celebrated same-sex marriage and some marchers expressed anxiety they could be rolled back. >> i came down because we need to be working together and doing things it can't be separate critics point out administration blacked obama era protection from transgender student from discrimination and in new yor
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york, protest groups led the parade. highlighting issues like gun violence. mass incarceration and healthcare. >> how is the total this year than being with different years. a lot of gay communities nervous information of moving games in the last few hose. >> others here want to celebrate. >> it shouldn't be political. it should be about represen representing who are you and being part of who you are and manage you have tried. stonewall in birth place of gay rights movement. these marches combined celebratesing with protesting and will continue to until the community rights are fully achieved. >> for cbs news, new york. >> well, things did get tense at the pride mar search turkey today. police fired tier gas and rubber bullets into the crowd
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in is stan bull. >> stay with is. fire out west where wildfires are burping all across the country. >> plus. >> her neck is stuck. >> terrifying moments here caught on camera. what witnesses are saying about the moment a 14-year-old fell from a lied ride at a new york amusement park and plus a man recently a victim after salt was celebrated today and how the community honored bravery with a special award, chelsea. >> refreshing start to the workweek on top and i'll you know when heat and humidity return coming up is can
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>> they'll catch you honey go asglaed terrifying moments caught on camera a 14-year-old girl from green wood, delaware is in staibling condition at albany medical center tonight after she fell from the sky ride at six flags great escape in new york. the girl hit a tree branch before somebody below caught her. they released a statement about the ordeal saying in part there does not appeal to
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be mall fuchtion of the ride and we closed attraction until thorough review of the ride can be completed. >> and check this out, turbulence shook passenger force two hours during airasia x flight from perth australia today. here's a look at passenger a video took on board. according to that passenger it was shaky and scary and the flight turned back to australia. it was a technical issue with the plane's engine. >> this massive tree on the move this giant she quoy as what growing nor more than a century on the ground of st. luke hospital it was on the way of hospital expansion they moved the giant tree to a new no for the boise park. they paid close to $300,000 to get the job done. >> this rocket blasted off from van denburg air force base california to deploy a
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group of airplane tracking satellites. >> five, four, thee, two, one lift up. >> so that is two for two this weekend for the private space company space x this was company's second successful rocket launch since friday. flight reused rocket booster from earlier mission aiming to slash the cost of space flight. also now a philadelphia man honored today for courage after assaulted while trying to catch a bus. last month a video was posted disturbing of mark smith getting sucker bunch by a group of juveniles. delaware county organization teach anti-bullying awarded smith with a medal and signed photo of favorite sports star golden state warrior steph cu curry does he's a true hero and we wanted to do it in front of the rocky statue and art museum steps because it
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symbolizes what the city is about and that's to create great champions like march. >> reward came at a great tim time. he celebrated his 40 rpblg birthday this weekend. >> participants toured a live construction area. the kids got a touch large scale equipment they got to touch it. the carnival is meant to spotlight the town as live, work and play destination. >> and you know some of them have competed in rio olympics and others trained for the fun of it all. no matter what the reason thousands flocked to fairmont park for anticipated triathlon this week. anita oh was there. >> for 13 years thousands of professional and amateur athletes have tackled philadelphia escape try aage lon. >> this is my job.
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every day i d wake up and swing, bike, run e. and it's my entire life and focus. >> this year those participating never had to step foot into the water. >> we had a mishap with the swim not happening this morning and it was the safest call. >> weather leading up to the event forced organizers to cancel the swim portion. the 50 kilometer race started and wented with a run and bike ride in between. >> a 20,000 prize purse. each category winner gets a paid try annual lon in san francisco. >> it's always been special race for me. >> penn state grad jason west placed first in men's pro category completing more than 31 niles over one hour and 29 minutes. >> i knew i could do t i had to chip away little by little and stick to your plan and
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gore for it. >> at one point he lagged behind two competitors and his win is symbolic never give up. >> i've been fighting and fighting and fighting and it's been hard the most challenging thing in my life which makes it most rewarding things i've ever done. >> 'philadelphia escape triathlon owe, anita oh, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> crews are fighting brian head father in southern utah at least 800 people were he vac yatesed so far. 13 homes were destroyed. it's only 5% contained. >> we're being looking at another change in weather patterns and so a shift in winds bringing some erratic winds with it. and so, change ago accordingl accordingly. >> temperatures are expected to are fairly moderate throughout the week and no rain in site yet. >> now to southern california a large brush fire is burning in santa chlorita and it's
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burning towards disney ran. . flames already consumed 880 acres mandatory evacuations were in that area. >> as firefighters were working on the fire, closed the freeway. they had to because of all that fire and the chaos began drivers were seen doing u turns in middle of road and turn ago around to drive the wrong way back down the freeway. that's pretty starey actually. >> couldn'ting more lovely. >> i know, got good hair days on the way the next few days. humidity is in check for sure. we'll tuck all about. it let's look live outside center city. it's georgous out there. in fact you can turn off the ac tonight and really the next couple night. it will be comfortable and low humidity and temperatures on cool side of thing. take a look now storm scan 3 rather quiet across the delaware valley and we have showers located up to north
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and west and overall we're in store for a very quiet night and we'll see mostly clear skies and as i told you, things will be very, very comfortable. headed to overnight hours tonight. the official high temperature today in philadelphia that was 86 degrees. and we seasonable for this time of year and comfortable sunday. what a great way to finish out the weekend. and temperatures right now are in the 50s, 60s and 70s across the region and 77 degrees in philadelphia. and we're down to 58 already in mount pocono and the poconos whim be a little on the chilly side of thipingdz as we head into the next couple night and in fact we go see overnight low temperatures digging into upper 40s in the poconos. 48 degrees. 75 trenton and 730s down the shore and 70 in atlantic city and dew points me check. look at these numbers. 40s and 50s. remember dew point is measure of moisture in the air and that's good thing to identify how comfortable it is outside.
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it's feeling awesome out ther there. and we've got more where that came from. starting tomorrow temperatures ill would be on the cooler side of things. it would be 0s to around 0 depending where you lived, 0 in philadelphia e. that's forecasted high. 0 wilmington and 8 dover. we're in the 70s at the shore now. 72349 tren top. all the way through wednesday high temperature middle of week app by end of week and weekend that will be when we start to see heat and humidity on the rose again. we'll be up into the 0s by no time friday. >> future weather headed to tomorrow a stray shower especially areas north and west as we very not tomorrow afternoon and evening. most part of the day will be nice and another disturbance moved through tuesday and high pressure moves in as we head to wednesday.
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this will provide us with a bupd aunt sunshine and high pressure pushes offshore. and return flow out of the south and south west as you head to end of weekend, weekend, that's when we start to see the heat and humidity on the rise again. we're looking at mostly clear night, plenty of sunshine to start out monday. here's a look at popup showers and storms could be moving in as we scan. and your razor played how better i ask. >> showers and storms would be possible. we're talking high temperatures in the 0s. nice peach day. shower possible, wednesday, high around 74. here's a look at forecast for tonight, again, turn off the ac. things looking great. and 36 degrees and mostly clear and comfy as we head to tomorrow and high temperature 0 and mostly sunny and cooler and here's a look at eyewitness weather. sunday stays average through my week and back to the 90s no
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time for the week and weekend. >> great days to have off, don't you think, lesley. >> lutely. >> what's going on with sports first. >> fantastic finish on the pga tour and how owe jordan spij picked up the win
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>> phillies this game going to extra innings. fullys bullpen could only hold on so long. single to right. and diamondbacks win this one 2-1 in 11 innings. >> earlier today on cbs3 travelers championship jordan spieth on first playoff hole versus daniel burger pulls out
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a birdie from the bunker and he has a long putt for the tie but this doesn't fall. spieth picks up tenth career win. coming up next in the hyundai sports zone more from philly's diamondbacks game and reviewing dravrts day for six erin preview what could be ahead for the start of free agency. sam for the inquire joins us to talk about the fliers draft and braden shed deal and who might number goal for orange and black all right aft news on cbs3. >> lots going on. stay with us everyone, still ahead. new shoes can make you feel pretty good one student is it working hard to make sure kids get kicks of their dreams. meet the a
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>> welcome back, everyone, a college track runner in for the way, indiana trying to give a head start to kids in the community. doing a great job as well. bijay stevens says his sport inspired him when trying to figure out how to pay it forward. he wanted to donate 125 pairs of shoes owe to the boys and girls club. he held drives at school and home. >> i'm a big believer in we can guide future. my goal for this was never to get recognition for it but
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help inspire youth and let them know if you want to do something you can. >> bijay is doing great things he turned to technology to spread the word and he and his mom used facebook nor the donation sites. he hopes this is just the fist of many in the future. >> stay with us,
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>> well finally tonight, five high school buddy whys from
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california have been recreating at exact same photo for 35 years. it all started in 1982 when john wardlaw seep on far left and pal posed togethers on a deck at copko lake california oregon border. they've been going on the same vacation taking the same exact photo every five years and they make sure to sit in the exact same order they did back then and even copy the same pose and facial expressions. how does that work. >> all righty then. >> chelsea has that wake-up forecast. >> yeah. >> take a look what you can expect really great weather to start out your workweek temperatures below average. 80 monday and 79 tuesday and we'll have to watch for chance of shower or storm around. wednesday, though, plenty of sunshine, 81. the heat kicks in as we head to thursday. back up to around 87. we have chances for a couple showers headed to the weekend and look at temperatures in the 90s.
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heat and humidity will be on the rise as we head end of week and next weekend. >> thank you so much. we appreciate that chelsea and thank you for joining us tonight we appreciate you being with us and we're always on for you handing it to lesley and cbs sports zone everyone, take care. >> the game is over eagles are champions. . po 2. one and missed philadelphia phillies are both involved in championship baseball. >> after a really big trade sixers got their man thursday night.


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